Red Dot Award 2020 Winner
European Product Design Award Top Design Winner
Water-saving tap ware concept
The aim of the project was to improve water efficiency at home through targeting behavioural change. The design was based on a set of criteria, which were: the product had to produce just-in-time prompts, quantify water saving, and conform to the user's use habits.​​​​​​​
A new concept of tapware that saves water by encouraging mindful behaviour through the integration of smart technology.

How might we make water saving visible?

The design was motivated by the need to provide immediate feedback on water usage. As the bathroom is typically used as a place for people to relax, it was important to ensure that the design was simple and that the feedback did not disrupt the user.
Lumo is a tap ware range that combines functional beauty and intuitive software to motivate mindful water usage and improve water efficiency at home. 

Lumo is responsive, producing clear, immediate feedback on water use in the form of light signals; ubiquitous through integrating smart technology and connectivity to other devices; and is self-powered for easy maintenance. It enables users to become more aware of and understand their water usage, offering a way for them to make lasting changes to their consumption habits. 

We use an average of 85 litres of water in the bathroom every day on just the tap and the shower. With Lumo’s just-in-time prompts and effective water usage, users can save up to 60% of water use daily.
Target water use its based on recommended water usage and is calculated on a per-use basis, which includes 90 second breaks within each session of use.
To tailor to individual needs better, users are also able to set their own targets through an app. ​​​​​​​

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