The Tri-Brush is a 3-in-1 cleaning tool designed for food processors. 

Food processors are often difficult to clean as they have many intricate features and fine details in its design. Narrow and hard to reach areas make cleaning very difficult by hand as food often gets stuck. In addition, sharp edges on the blades require the user to be extra careful to not hurt themselves when cleaning it. 
An investigation into the way cleaning brushes were used to clean food processors found that the brush is held in a few different ways. This meant that the design should enable the users to hold it in various ways without compromising on comfort. Furthermore, it was also observed that that normal cleaning brushes do not clean
hard corners very well and it would leave the surface of the jar oily.
The Tri-Brush improves efficiency and ensures an all-rounded cleaning for food processors. The sponge cleans surfaces off oil and grease and the brush helps to scrub off any food particles that may be stuck in the corners of food processors. It is entirely made of biodegradable and recycled materials.
Both ends of the brush comes with replaceable attachments, extending its use while minimising waste. Both the head and tail of the brush is attached to the handle with a connecting piece that snaps together when attached. 

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